I sit down at the middle of the work day, having answered emails, meditated, gone to the gym, and shopped for food just for today. An important task in the workday is to provide the necessary conditions for good work, and I was completely out of food so the trip to the supermarket was necessary (the gym was just 20 minutes of weightlifting to clear the mind). Since I was on the bike, I could not shop for the week, that I will do tomorrow, when I drop off my clothes to the laundry.

Now that my chores for the day are completed and the belly is full, at 2pm, what is the the thing I ought to work on? Let us take the day as play, and work on making this very blog something of a playground for Runge. This would require me to get accustomed to being more visual, as I am currently a verbal thinker, so the objective is to explore the interactive possibilities of blog posts. So if you are reading this from a feed reader, please head to the permalink, as javascript will surely be required.

I was interrupted by an email which I have already answered, but it took me 45 minutes to do so. I am terrible at administrative work because I take it so seriously and word my thoughts very carefully. The end result is a pleasant conversation with clients, but in the end it is the banishment of focused work.

Let's advance a bit in our quest, and see what comes out.

// I see that I have an utility class for code,
// let us try it out.

for (thing in dao) {

But this is currently marked as <pre class="code> which is ugly, what is the correct tag?

Interesting, there's <samp> and <kbd>, both of which are useful for me. Let's style them... Great, now let's put them to use:

  • S Save
  • D Duplicate
  • Z Undo
  • SHIFTZ Redo

Now I see those ugly bullets. I would like to style them. What is wrong about bullets? Too large, vulgar.

To answer what makes a good bullet, we must first answer: what makes a good list? But bullets induce to bullet thinking, not much thought must be put into this, make them discrete, that is enough.

  • Let us
  • Test this
  • Solution
  • And make
  • a short
  • list
  • Why write lorem ipsum, when you can engage in the joy of spontaneous writing, may I ask? Is it not a pleasure to write text that it means nothing?
  • To fill the page with words that arise from ones imagination is better than all the plugins that exist in whatever ecosystem. Do not rely on lorem ipsum.
  • And every list needs at least three elements, and this list was for testing long line breaks.

This looks good enough. Let us proceed with numbered lists:

  1. The number could bit a bit more subtle
  2. Do I need space between the lines?
  3. fill me later

Now the expanded version...

  1. What should we write in these empty slots? Simply what my fingers bring out, I shall simply write until I tire of it.
  2. This should display spaced out, a bit like a countdown, would this be possible?
  3. Let's just fill this line with placeholder text so that we discover if this comes out as intended.

Okay, looking good so far, what am I to do now? Images of course. I would like to use images from Method Draw as a way of building synergy. But this opens a can of worms, let us work as this is: a one afternoon MVP. It is 6pm already and I feel like not much has been accomplished, yet I know this to be the insatisfaction I have with myself. It's looking good.

I have encountered the first image that I want to post, but this is kinda quirky because it is a the long dropdown that I produced while I put in good preset options for canvas size in (Method Draw)[https://editor.method.ac]. How would I introduce this image if this were a blog post?

Now let's see if this works out as intended. I must give credit to the preset sizes that I found in Figma. Though I'm sure I'll probably regret adding these, because social media sizes are so changing that I am sure I will spend a substantial amount of time upgrading this list.

Oh the pains of maintenance.

Now, let's continue writing so that we clear this long ass column of size options. I wish I had the time to implement something more elegant, but I'm afraid this poor digital construction worker has little time for these fancies.

I take the time to notice my posture: I'm hunching forward the computer, and it's been some time. Let's find the way to relax into writing so that I climb this long wall of text. When one climbs walls, one must make sure that the structure one is climbing is solid. In rural areas, jumping over piled rocks is an art.

Oh how I miss walking. My heart yearns for one last legendary walk. To enter that strange world of the camino, to leave behind all intention for material work and have a season for spiritual work. But I must not desire that what I cannot have at this time. I hope that my donations page brings things that finance creative and spiritual endeavors.

I have a lot of hesitance towards sharing spiritual endeavors, and yet I find it sprouting out of me, it is not embarrassing only because it is spontaneous. I think I will understand it later.

The wall of text has been filled, and it is time to continue customizing useful things for this blog. I guess the next step is to draw something in Method Draw to illustrate this post, and put the resulting css file and new markup in to the CMS. Let us begin...

Ok, success. Everything could be easier, but this will be enough work on the work logs for today. I will upload the changes and then tune out for the day.

Damn, this is a single page, I forgot about the "homepage" listing. I shall first produce the required html so that I can style it. I will use a table style which I can reuse in this post.

It is 9:15pm and I think I have finished porting the changes from the static html file and the css into my CMS (Movable Type). It is time to chill out, I did a lot of work today.