I used the morning to advance in the request of a Japanese client. He wants to export textPaths from Illustrator, but was having problems importing them. The problem was that the SVG sanitization routine was leaving trailing spaces, thus an attribute could come with a trailing space, such as font-size.

After this was corrected, I encountered further challenges, because Illustrator either exports invalid textPaths, or browsers have a different way of parsing SVG. In any case, it is Illustrator’s responsibility to generate browser ready SVGs. I explained this to my dearest client Mr. Tatsuya:

View the loom Video

This seems to be a reasonable workaround. Screenshot:


It is almost 6pm. I still have gas in the tank. should I do next?

I wrote a first draft of the “About” page of Method of Action, but I will not distract the reader with me grasping in the dark.

Edit: I couldn’t resist adding a prev next at the bottom of the page.