Today writing feels contrived. I updated my donations page and wanted to link it here. These work logs of late are irregular, but I sense it is the time when to take them seriously, because I have reclaimed my space for work after a much welcome torrid romance, where the torridness now happens on the weekends, and my intention is to dive deeply into work from Monday to Thursday.

The purpose is not to log my work, it is to write about anything that inspired me through work. Write when the mood inspires, but sit down at least thirty minutes per day writing. I will write in stream of thought, and then edit later.

Today it is Sunday night and I did no actual work, thus there is no point on writing a real “work log” if whatever inspires me at this time is not inspired of work, but of the experiences of the day, which lie in the realm of the private.

Then, if I cannot look into the past, I would have to look into the future, to plan the week at least in the broadest of terms, to lay out what will be the foundation of a good work week. But this must be done in the morning, because the inspiration from work must be drawn from working days.