Method of Action Privacy Policy

Update March 25, 2019: I temporarily added Rollbar to The Boolean Game, a third-party service that tracks javascript errors. The measure is temporary and intended to reduce the amount of bugs in the game.

TL;DR: I collect the bare minimum statistical data, which I make public in an anonymized way, so that you can verify there’s nothing fishy going on. I don’t share data with third parties (this includes not using Google Analytics, for example), and in general my approach to privacy is “the less data I have, the better”. You can read more about this line of thought at we don’t care about your privacy.

Only one piece of personal data (according to the GDPR definition of personal data) is collected. This is your IP address. This data is only used for statistical purposes, and is never shared with third parties. In addition to this, the following data is collected when you visit (the website) or any of its subdomains https://*

Information collected

Combined nginx logs:

  1. IP Address a numerical label assigned to your device when it connects to the internet.
  2. User, if resource requires authentication.
  3. Requested resource a URI such as
  4. Status, the http status code, which is 200 if served correctly.
  5. Bytes sent, the amount of data sent to the client.
  6. HTTP Referer, header field that identifies the address of the webpage (i.e. the URI or IRI) that linked to the resource being requested.
  7. HTTP User Agent, software acting on behalf of a user (usually the browser).


As a commitment to privacy, Method of Action will not set third party cookies in visitor’s browsers. If this is ever required it shall be for good reason, and the cookie consent will be very clear. The cookies Method sets are for saving user preferences and data (such as mute settings and game progress) and not for tracking visitors or behavior.

How is this information used and shared?

The information is used for standard data analytics purposes. In the interest of transparency, I’m gradually making the information public. You can find an example of this at All IP addresses are anonymized before report publishing.

Do not track

The Do Not Track (DNT) header is the proposed HTTP header field DNT that requests that a web application disable either its tracking. Though almost universally ignored, I’ll honor this header in the future, since it requires custom server configuration.


If you are a European resident, you legally have the right to access personal information. And if you are not a European resident, you should still have this right! However, since the only personal identification that I collect are IP addresses, it is easier to forge a fake request than it is to provide proof that you were using a specific IP address at a specific date and time. So, if you actually want to make a request, please allow for some weeks while I consult with security experts on the best way to handle this case.


I will update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect updates to my practices. It’s nature will not change substantially.

Contact me

For more information about these privacy practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact me by e-mail at

Thank you for being that person who actually reads privacy policies. This privacy policy has not been reviewed by a lawyer, nor it has been copied off the internet, but that the author has actually thought about what he wants to accomplish with his work.

Honesty and clarity of intention are above legal accuracy, and in such spirit—if you ever think I violated the standards I’m setting here, I give written consent that you call me a hypocrite, coward, double faced or any other insult related to a faulty character publicly, online and offline. The insults may be accompanied by mocking gestures, such as a clucking chicken or the classic finger. If I don’t know why I’m being mocked, I may ask for clarification, but I will never respond in a violent way (verbally or physically). As long as physical contact is not involved, I renounce to my right to denounce you for perjury or even object to your mocking.