When you stumble, it's best to quickly acknowledge it and persist with the task. The cause of my stumble is that my bike was stolen, and this disrupted my schedule for a couple of days. But, but an orphan bike has been finally found a place at home, so I may continue my explorations about urban Madrid while working publicly. The downtime has led me to reconsider how I engage in work, I shall write this down as a commitment to it.

I dislike the word "deadline", because it implies you're dead if you exceed the line. In practice, we simply drag the deadline a little further away, so that neither author nor project lose their lives in the creative process. In the past few years I've reframed the problem as one of cycles, there is a project which dictates a structure of work, and to change the structure of work one has to finish the project. A deadline is simply an estimation of how long the cycle will take. The delta that results should be improved with deliberate practice. It is also an antidote to perfectionism, because projects tend to expand to the time they have assigned to them, and if all the time is assigned to them, then the task will never end.

Another thing I'd like to change is the textual nature of my work logs. Text is my preferred method of communication, so I would very much prefer to describe a place rather than to photograph or draw it, for example. But this happens solely because I remain in my comfort zone, sharing the visual work is more painful (and thus more instructive) to me. This may (or may not) mean that I move my personal observations to a notebook, I will perceive this from experience.

There are a couple of other minor intentions, but these I will address in practice. Today is Sunday and I will do as I please, though I know some preparation needs to be addressed. Let us begin the day.