Monday and Tuesday rolled into a single work log. I did almost no computer work, yet I still felt busy and productive. This makes me inquire into the nature of work. What is work? Labour for a wage? If that were so, I haven't been working for a while.

When we look into the animal kingdom, we don't think about animals as "working" when they graze or hunt, but we do think of bees and ants working when they nurse their larva and collect their food. It seems work happens when there is an interdependent relation to the society you live in. In a hunter-gatherer tribe, some people would hunt, others would collect fruit, others would rear children, and then they would share the resources of their activity.

How does this map out to my situation? We had a guest over the weekend, he got very sick and though required no special attention, it still felt rude to simply leave him at home while I went out to do my "work". So I focused on house chores: preparing meals, cleaning up, repair work and such. The company we provided to each other was pleasant, and it felt intuitively right.

When I started writing work logs I knew a couple of these days would come up, and I wondered how they would be dealt with. Now it feels they should simply be passed over without much thought, but I wanted to write down the experience to extract the wisdom out of it. Activity in the benefit of one's "tribe" is always work.