Today I encountered innumerable bugs regarding the zoom, pan and scroll behavior of Method Draw. It would take perhaps a week to fix all of them. Perhaps more. So I today I did everything I could do to fix the most glaring problems, and I wonder how it is that I hadn’t noticed it before.

Here is the relevant commit

For a creator to have things such as this go ignored, it would surely mean that this creator is not a user of his product, and so I confess to not using Method Draw for real work. I have professional tools, and I prefer using those rather than my home brewed tool, but at the same time, if I don’t use my product I will never bother on improving it.

The problem with making a vow of using Method Draw for simple graphic design tasks, is that I cannot help but being drawn away from the task of design by virtue of knowing that there is something in the interface that I can fix. The terrain is so full of bugs, that it is impossible to ignore them instead of killing them. And so no design work gets actually done, I keep on chasing bugs in the hope that some day this may become not bug free, but at least not bug infested.

When the complexity of problems overwhelms me, I like to go back to simpler times: let me think of myself as a Paleolithic toolmaker-hunter. I need to butcher my kill, but the hand axe that I created for myself is dull. What do I do? Do I sharpen the blade before cutting out the meat? or do I use my dull knife and hack away?

Should I be a specialist hunter, I would hack away and carry my dull axe to the toolmaker. The answer for “should I work on my tool, or should I just do my work” depends on the effort that it would take not sharpening the blade beforehand. I can come to sharpen my blade when I go back to my cave if the effort is not too great.

I wish I were a better toolmaker. I wish I were a better hunter. I’m not great at both, so sharpening the blade will take time, but hacking away will be laborious and time intensive as well. Understanding through reason has been exhausted, it is time to choose through intuition.

Sharpen the blade.