I worked on various issues and tweaks on the codebase of Method Draw. The accumulated changes over the past few months on the visual design merited an updated screenshot on both Method of Action’s homepage and the GitHub repo. Here is the before and after:

These are changes accrued over the last two or three months, without an intention to redesign, just constant tweaks to make the product feel better on my fingertips. Many of the changes are hidden behind UI.

I know I would become better at documenting work if it weren’t such a hassle. Taking screenshots and uploading them is a hassle under my current set-up, so I’ve been playing with an idea: what if I could copy and paste bitmaps directly into Blank Page so that it would upload the raw data into Firebase’s cloud storage?

But I cannot be distracted by side-quests at this moment. I need to finish the work that I have on my plate first.