Saturday. A day of leisurely work and catching up with sleep. I dedicated most of the time towards peripheral work: favicons, open graph images, cron jobs, testing on actual devices. I’m leaving important work for better states of mind.

I’ll follow up on the questions I asked myself yesterday:

On mood

  1. Is it worth trying to influence my mood at this time? Or shall I simply work through it until I release the game?

I had a meditation session, and it made me feel remarkably better. Meditation is where I am less regular, the rest (sleep, nutrition, exercise) I have them as well established habits. I’ll meditate after my first work session in the morning.

On my workplace

  1. What can I do to bring the pleasures of home into the library?

I’ll smuggle coffee into the library. I don’t know if I’ll go tomorrow, since it’s Sunday, but it’s going to be warm. Perhaps I could go to the library in Retiro. I’ll just sense if I want to do it tomorrow, it’s not a bad idea.

  1. What can I do to reduce distractions at home?

Since this desk is not mine, I have not bothered personalizing it. It’s extremely cluttered. I’ll remove everything non-essential, Sunday is a good day for this.

On work

  1. If the sponsor wants to share his stage on social media, many people will not be familiar with the game, and may find themselves at a loss. Should I give them hints? Should I direct them to the tutorial? Should I charge extra for hinted stages?

I found René at the gym and showed him what I had advanced from the sponsored stage. Since he hadn’t done the tutorial, he didn’t know how to complete his own sponsored stage! It’s clear that some assistance is needed. Perhaps this is a good task for tomorrow.

In the work done today, I came to realize that I’m not intending this to be a play-and-forget game, because if I get many sponsors, I need to add “unsponsored” stages to balance the ratio, and both sponsors and myself want previous players to come and play the new stages. The answer to this is notifications, but this is a complex issue and I need to wait until the game is released, for my own sanity and because I should not scale prematurely. But I will put the question on the back of my mind:

  1. What are the best way of notifying people that new stages are available?

Enough tasks have been set up. I’ll see how this shapes up for tomorrow without making and specific plans.