Sunday. I optimized for mood rather than productivity. Again, I’ll follow up on the questions I asked myself yesterday:

On mood

  1. Is it worth trying to influence my mood at this time? Or shall I simply work through it until I release the game?

I optimized for enjoyment by biking to libraries, sunbathing at retiro, meditation, evening at the spa. It reminded me of my first months writing worklogs: the events of the day take precedence over actual work. This is perfect after the game is released, when work requires less prolonged periods of deep concentration.

The answer that came from experience is: wait until the game is released. This question is answered, I will accept my mood as it is, and will cease introspecting on it until the pre-requisite is completed.

On my workplace

  1. What can I do to bring the pleasures of home into the library?

I was sitting next to a floor-to-ceiling window, and I observed crowds of people go by. I took out the tea I had smuggled in, and enjoyed watching the crowds for the length of the tea. It had been so long since I had done this! But I need to buy a thermos, because the one I found at home was small and it leaked.

I think this question is answered, there is little else I can bring into the library. I fixed my bike today, so the walk to the library will be reduced and I will be more encouraged to go there.

I will also try to add the gym as a workplace. I haven’t been able to eek out a good work session there, but I think it’s because I try to do it after the workout, I’ll try before. So the new question to be answered is:

  1. Is the gym a viable workplace?

  2. What can I do to reduce distractions at home?

Decluttering done. I can already sense more calmness. I think simply closing the door of the office may be a good psychological hack. I don’t leave my seat at the library for hours, I should be able to do the same at home.

On work

  1. If the sponsor wants to share his stage on social media, many people will not be familiar with the game, and may find themselves at a loss. Should I give them hints? Should I direct them to the tutorial? Should I charge extra for hinted stages?

It’s very easy to add tutorial code, so the answer is yes, in some way. Today I worked more on the tutorial code, it’s shaping up nicely. I consider this question answered.

  1. What are the best way of notifying people that new stages are available?

Withheld until release.

I came out from the library, and I was unlocking my bike, when an idea came seemingly out of nowhere: I can charge by month, through Patreon. Advertisers can use marketing pixels if they are proxied through my server. I can hire someone to implement sponsored stages, it is not hard. I jumped on the bike and despite navigating through traffic I couldn’t take this idea off my mind. It makes a lot of sense: I have two needs, one is the immediate need of money, and the other is a recurring income so that I have the freedom to pursue passion project without the worries of monetization. The first month I can offer a liftime account for a fixed price, and worry about recurring revenue after the launch, and only implement it if the game is succesful. So I put this in the format of a question:

  1. What is the best way to monetize through recurring revenue?

Good day after all, in the upcoming week I’ll ramp out for release.