One of my walking days I thought I was trying to answer too many things to myself which could only be answered by experience, so instead of answering, I asked myself questions and recorded them. It was a useful exercise. I will try to do the same thing on my work log, giving context from where the questions arose.

On mood

I slept terrible. My working hypothesis about mood being out of my control soon found it’s counterpart, and yesterday’s sharpness gave way to dullness. I just deleted a large amount of text because I was going into abstractions, I will simply ask myself questions which are interesting to me at this time:

  1. Is it worth trying to influence my mood at this time? Or shall I simply work through it until I release the game? (assuming the basics are in place: nutrition, meditation, exercise, sleep).

On my workplace

I signed up for a tour with a free day at wework. Frankly I just wanted to try out a new workplace and there was no chance of me buying in, but there were some things I liked: it has the best of the library (focused people, though the library is more quiet) with the comforts of home (coffee, tea, and different settings where to do work). Questions:

  1. What can I do to bring the pleasures of home into the library?
  2. What can I do to reduce distractions at home?

On work

I tried to implement René’s sponsored stage, and I realised I was missing many things in order to make the deal appealing to sponsors. I’m dutifully working on it, not only for René but for future sponsors. Some questions arose:

  1. If the sponsor wants to share his stage on social media, many people will not be familiar with the game, and may find themselves at a loss. Should I give them hints? Should I direct them to the tutorial? Should I charge extra for hinted stages?

That’s enough questions to ask to myself in a day. I try to keep them in mind so that I can answer them from experience (and bring more questions if this works out).