Yesterday work on the donations page was mostly pleasure. I now notice there is a significant amount negativity in the content, perhaps because the reception surpassed any expectation I could have. Thank you. I will rewrite it in time.

At the beginning of the year I was contacted by an unknown individual who shall remain nameless. He wanted me to work on a really interesting technical challenge, which I accepted. I begun work and some hours in I showed him an advance. Great! I advanced some more and emailed him, but got no response. Some days later I emailed him again. No response. I was ghosted by the client.

I was disappointed because this was an interesting and lucrative project. I had turned down something less fulfilling in order to make space for it, and now I was left empty handed. It was too little unpaid work to make a scene out of it, so I simply emailed the client “If you do not respond to this email, I will assume the project is cancelled”. I didn’t get a response.

Since my schedule was free I begun a month of intense work on Blank Page, and unprompted René generously covered my modest living expenses for the month, and then we agreed to a partnership. In the end I reflected on the person who ghosted me and I was glad that things happened this way. I’m effortlessly involved in, and it brings me great pleasure to work on it. I had warned René that I would be unavailable to work on for the duration of this vapor project, and instead I dedicated myself fully to it.

Well, the twist to this story is that, today, this person donated a sizeable amount of money, more than what he owed me. I got goosebumps of joy, not only at the relief of getting two months of my modest living expenses covered, but because it was the last thing that I expected!

Much grateful not only to my ghost, but to the people who have collaborated so far. And those who will collaborate in the future, why not. Thank you.