I have fifteen minutes to write an account of the day.

I will focus on that related to blank.page.

I installed Jekyll to do some experiments with static publishing. I avoid databases like the plague, probably because I’ve lost data on them, while static files tend to be less ephemeral.

This is the theme of every project, and may I dare to say life, to manage the constraints wisely. If, at this time, a backend developer would partake in our project it would only slow us down. It is best to do what we can with the resources we have, which are not few.

But then you look at the solutions you can produce and it causes a certain… shame. You imagine your developer friend looking over your shoulder, shaking his head, “how dare you cut corners there” he whispers, but I tell him that if I listened to him I’d never get anything done.

But the things I put together seem to work somehow. I never think of them as anything else than fancy prototypes, and yet I see what developers are doing nowadays and it all feels so bloated, so slow, so fat.

I enjoy using this prototype.

Written in 15 minutes on blank.page