It’s time to unveil what René and myself have been working on for the last… year and a half? I’ve written about it numerous times, because it is the tool I use to write these work logs:

Cool name, huh? is a no-frills text creator. I call it text creator in contraposition to text editors, which are oriented towards formatting and edition of texts. has no formatting tools, its only tools are constraints to help you create text. In Blank Page, if you find your cursor jumping around the page you are doing it wrong. There’s not even spellcheck underlines as to prevent distractions while writing. is a piece of a larger picture which will be revealed in time.

Though development has intensified in the last weeks, I’ve avoided writing about it becuase I enjoyed flying under the radar. But, as it reclaims more and more of my mindspace, I find less things to write about that are not related to Blank Page.

Anyways, the work logs will become more of a work journal, as I did when I worked on the Boolean Game. When projects consume your mind there is no other way. Life becomes the project, and if you don’t write about your projects, it seems there is nothing left to write about!