I came down to the building block's gym to exercise a bit. Today I receive guests at the airbnb apartment at 21:15, this means I should be there at around 19:00 to prepare things for the guests. Also means I should be back home at 18:30 to pick up towels & bedding. I have a guest myself at home, a Mexican friend of my roommate, I'm not sure about his plans but I'll propose that he joins the work route if there's none. If this is the case, then I will work from libraries close to landmarks, otherwise I enjoyed the experience of exploring new workplaces.

What work needs to be done? The Bézier Game.

I don't think anything else needs to be planned. I'll continue my workout.

I went out with my Mexican guest to search for an ofo bike, but they all turned out to be "ghost" bikes. Apparently, thieves dispose of the GPS and throw them away to inaccessible locations. The day started late and was lost mostly due to this search, so no computer work was done.

Work session 1 (1h, 30min)

I received a Spaniard couple at the airbnb apartment. I had left my phone at home, so when I was done cleaning I set camp at the window to see if I could see them arrive. Since I had no means of knowing the time, from the window I asked some random person to give me the time. His body language seemed to reflect a "really?" attitude, it seems asking for the time has become passé. I left them two bags of ice in the freezer, Madrid's August heat is in full force and the apartment doesn't have AC.