Prelude to the workday

I begin the day early again, at 5:30am. I ran some household chores and then began spontaneously working on Project Arete, more or less by accident. I shall write it down:

Work session 1 (1h)

[Project Arete: Confidential]. Now let's get out of home to work.

Work session 2 (1h, 50m)

I came to the pool for a work session, I reinstated the node count code which lets you know how many nodes you have left. As the codebase gains complexity, it resembles more the original code. I don't want to get to the same rabbit hole, so I shall refactor soon.

I'm also scaling the paths depending on the size of the viewport. The game is quite playable now, but the devil is in the details, already some edge cases are rearing their ugly head.

Work session 3 (1h)

I came to the library within La Casa Encendida, but I'm wasted. I'm not used to getting up so early. I fiddled around some of the bugs in the Bezier Game and I answered emails, but this cannot be called work.

When I work in a library and I see someone who's not focused, I think it's time for him or her to go home or take a break. It's nothing but common sense, if you can't place your locus of attention to the problem at hand, it probably means your attention should be placed somewhere else. Where should mine go?

I'll go back home and see from there.


Came back home, relaxed a bit, decided to call it a day, even if it's early-ish. Rising early also means ending early.