Today I arose at 5:00 again, sleeping five hours, seemingly well rested and clear of mind. I tried sleeping more of course, but both body and mind protested, so I began the day.

What needs to be done? I feel I've been beating around the bush this week, not addressing the project which I feel is crucial for this period: the Bézier Game. I'll try to dedicate the full day to it and get down to the boring stuff I'm avoiding.

Work session 1 (4h)

Well, so much for plans, in the morning I began using Project Arete and I needed a feature, this took me down a rabbit hole in which I became deeply engrossed, and though I knew I was supposed to be doing something else, leaving it half baked would break it.

I'm glad I did it anyways. I've been struggling with the data structure of Project Arete and this incursion revealed that using recursion vastly simplifies the code. I had been avoiding tree traversal I couldn't wrap my head around the code. But, by virtue of a very simple problem it became clear:

In an array of arrays of varying depth, how do you append an element to the last of the last of the last [...] array?

Or, in pseudocode, how do you do array.last().last().last() without knowing how many last() you need?

Or, using the tree analogy, imagine you are blind, and you want to tie a ribbon to the last branch in a specific direction. You would feel up the trunk, then find where it branches out, follow the branch in the desired direction, and repeat following branches until you find a twig with leaves where to tie the ribbon.


After work I hit the gym, had lunch, had a nap, went to the pool, went to meet up with old friends from Cabify, and I come back home late. I almost feel guilty about not feeling guilty for not working on the Bézier Game today. But how can one feel guilt about not feeling guilty?

I'm more intrigued about the fact that I sometimes propose myself something, and then I go on to do something completely different. When I recall these encounters of will vs action, I notice a deeper wisdom which overrides my conscious will.

Yet, at least at this moment, I'm sure I'll dedicate tomorrow to the Bézier Game.