Prelude to the workday

I begin the day early, at 5:00am. What needs to be done? Pressing matters: I'd like to finish the Bézier Game sooner rather than later, but I'd also like to finish that which is close to completion because unfinished things have the faculty of unfinishing themselves more as they grow stale.

I have two quick wins: one is for Project Arete, and the other for Notebits flow.

At this time of the morning I have no workplace available, everything in Madrid begins and 9:00AM and not a minute earlier. I can either work home during the morning, or try using a bench at a park adequate for work. I'll prepare for the workday and see from there.

Work session 1 (2h)

I remembered about carrying the proper tools for the proper task, so I thought: if I can carry around laundry for the airbnb apartment on the cargo rack, I can carry anything. And so I packed a ridiculous amount of stuff which I'll cull if I see I don't use in a normal workday.

One of the things I packed was a hammock, and I hadn't noticed that the place in the park where I do my Wim Hoff breathing sessions has to perfectly spaced robust trees, and so I had a work session from the there, it was awesome!

I worked on a project which had remained touched in a while, which I call Runge. It is a tool that helps me choose good color palettes, and as I find myself applying color to the three active projects (Notebits Flow, Project Arete and the Bézier Game) I notice both it's usefulness and it's shortcomings, so I took some time to extend it. Works like a charm, I'll share it when it's more mature.

The sprinklers chased me away from the park, and now I'm at the terrace of the pool. I'm growing hungry, but I'll push out another work session before lunch.

Work session 2 (1h)

I finished what where I left off in Runge after being chased out by the sprinklers, then I incorporated the generated color palette into Notebits Flow and it worked quite well. Now I'll have to see if René notices his colors are slightly off! Now I'll have lunch on the grass and then dip into the pool.

Work session 3 (1h, 30m)

I completed the pending tasks for Notebits Flow. Didn't go as smoothly as usual, the code is getting gnarly inside. Will have to refactor eventually, but I will put it off until the knots truly slow me down. The MVP is always rewritten from scratch, so there is point in doing it at this time.


I'm slowly figuring out the local maxima of this work route. I'm liking it a lot, though certain things could be improved. For me, rising early seems to be key in having a good work day.