Prelude to the workday

I begin the day late. I liked the idea of repeating yesterday's style, but today I find myself with less energy, the intensity was taxing. It seems it's either work or pleasure. If it is pleasure, then that will be today's work.

I can either go to the nearest study hall, work, and flow from there, or repeat yesterday's work route oriented in pleasure.

I don't know the answer yet. I shall begin the day as I did yesterday: a Wim Hoff breathing session at the park. I will probably know by then.


This time I lasted 01:15 without air. A substantial increase over yesterday's 00:50. The ride on the bike cleared my mind and before the breathing session my choice was to pursue pleasure, but after the session my decision had changed: I'm missing my weekend day. Though not pressing, I have pending chores which would consume time from the rest of the week. There is a time of preparation which I skipped yesterday, let this afternoon become one of preparation.