Prelude to the workday

Flow set for five minutes. I receive visitors to the airbnb today, Sunday evening. I decided to make it a workday, and to begin searching for the most adequate default working route, because I have spent the last three weeks exploring libraries and study halls within reasonable biking distance between my home and the workplace, and though it has been interesting, I also see it requires a lot of planning.

In an ideal situation, I would have the nearest library and study hall if I need to stick close home, and then have a good default work route that I don't have to plan to complete the workday. When I grow tired of this, or feel in exploratory mode, I can visit new workplaces. I have a map with all the study halls and libraries in Madrid, and I have worked in perhaps 30% of them.

I've begun the work route by coming to the nearest park and having a Wim Hoff breathing session. I could only go breathless for a ridiculously brief time, 50 seconds. But the positive effects are there, and when I completed the session I was greeted by a beautiful scene: a huge, brown dog came running towards two tiny pomerianian dogs to play. The small dogs were aggressive, so the big brown dog ran off with the tiny dogs on it's tail. The smaller dogs were truly trying to "hunt" the large dog, but the large dog made a game of it, running in circles with that interspecies expression of joy on it's face, outrunning the two tiny rabid dogs.

I have the sensation that scenes happen all the time, but I lack the presence required to be aware of them.

Work session 1 (55min)

After the breathing session I decided to come to the pool through a very different but shorter route which I haven't done before, but without the help of the map. Lately I've been exploring into geographical orientation, and when you prescind of Google Maps, interesting things happen. You begin noticing the position of the sun in relation to the time of the day as an orientation device, changes in the orientation of the streets let you know you've reached a new neighborhood (at least in Madrid), and asking people on the street if you're going in the right direction reveals you're not the only one lost (or ignorant of the neighborhood). In the end I did not shorten the commute, quite the opposite, but it was worth the exploration.

The pool has too many people not to be distracting, if it were not Sunday would be more calm at this time of the day. I will repeat the same schedule tomorrow (Monday) to try it out.

I worked small things of the Bézier Game, which I should list here:

  • The stage doesn't disappear when you resize the window
  • If you keep on holding shift after completing a stage segment, it doesn't insist on constraining the axis according to the last node.
  • The stage no longer adds a node if you do so outside the reference path
  • The cursor changes when you hover over the reference path, so that you know you'll be adding a node if you press there.

I'm still considering my options regarding the bouncy animation that happens when you attempt to add a node which does not match the reference path. I would like for it to bounce off at the point where they stop overlapping. But this is detail, perhaps I should continue working on structure. For now, I'll stretch in the sun, and then see if I can finally swim the length of the pool underwater. Then I will take work to the library.

Work session 2 (1h)

I'm short on time, so I set Focus to one minute of stream of thought. After the pool I came to "La Casa Encendida" which has a private library open to the public. I worked on Project Arete on a feature which I need for next week. I dislike writing about work I cannot share, because I cannot express what I'm doing. Until it is unveiled, I shall simply annotate [Project Arete, classified].

So, [Project Arete, classified]. Now let's run to get to the airbnb on time!

Work session 3 (1h)

I came to the airbnb apartment from home, and I noticed I wasn't carrying the keys. I was tight on time, so I grabbed a Cabify to and from Home to pick up the keys. Fortunately, the guests arrived on the later side of the time I was expecting them, so I was able to finish cleaning up just in time. They were a lovely French couple.

I then met up with René to discuss future possibilities for Notebits Flow, but this goes beyond the work session.


Day was very good, ended late but glad to be paying the late start today. Note to self: make sure we are carrying the tools necessary to perform the next work session.