Prelude to the worday

I shall make an exception to the avoidance of the "I", because of special circumstances.

I have set my timer to 5 minutes to try the latest version of Flow. I will write until time runs up to test a bug, and then have another five minute session with the bug fixed (the bug is related to the timer).

I am coming back from receiving a Spanish couple at the airbnb apartment. Since the apartment was already clean, I had taken the computer to do some work while I waited for them, but I think I have grown accustomed to cleaning when I am there, because I couldn't help taking care of the details.

This I do not count as work as I did not write the prelude until now, and to be honest it did not feel like work.

My five minutes are up, let us try to fix the bug.

Well, I went through a rabbit hole and spent more time than I expected, but it is fine, it is like the cleaning that took place today: it didn't feel like work, it's simply something I need to fix in order to write my stream of thought. Let us not count this as work.

So, what shall be done today? I think it's best to keep it simple, take work to the nearest study hall and then enjoy the rest of this Friday. Sounds like a plan, let us wait for the timer to run out the five minutes so that I verify that I have fixed the problem. Little more than a minute left, I will allow for time to run out.

Yes! It worked!

Work session 1 (2h)

I spent the sprint bringing Project Arete back into it's digital form. There is still work to do, but I can complete it over the weekend so that it's ready to use beginning Monday or so. It's Friday afternoon and the weather is nice, I'll call it a day for today.


It may be easier to come to the nearest workspace, but I know from experience that if I overindulge in comfort I eventually get bored. Just a note to myself not to get too used to walking to work, but to use the faculties of exploration.