#### Prelude to the workday

Last night I had my good friend Sebas stay over, he is making his way back from the World Cup in Russia to the US, and he will spend the day here. I always find it strange working on passion projects while hosting friends, because there is no obligatory workdays or hours. You don't "have" to go to work.

In any case, since my job is not all that formal, I proposed that he join in the workday. Dress code: shorts or swimming trunks.

#### Work session 1 (1h, 30m)

We had many problems finding a bike for Sebas. Ofo is in town, but as of late I can't seem to find any of the bikes that show up on the map. I suspect thieves extract the GPS and throw it somewhere inaccessible, because there were many "bikes" on the railroad tracks but nowhere in sight. In the end we got a BiciMad and rode through Madrid Río. By the time we got anywhere it was already lunchtime, so we hit the pool and had some chicken tacos.

After chilling out we came to Conde Duque Library. First time here and I had high hopes for this library, as it's within a fancy cultural center. The space is modern and spacious, but there are not many books and it severely lacks electric outlets. Internet is nearly useless.

But, despite all odds, important work was accomplished today. Paths are being drawn beautifully, and code is reasonably understandable. UI code for design tools is inevitably tricky, code is inherently hierarchical, but what is the hierarchy between a hammer and a chisel? Tools do not contain each other.

#### Afterword

Working on your own gives flexibility. How to use this flexibility with responsibility? In former times, this flexibility became too loose and little was accomplished. I perceive that one must tense and relax conscientiousness according to circumstance. Ah, this too belongs to the realm of the transcendental and goes beyond work.