Prelude to the workday

Today it's best to stick around the neighborhood to prepare lunch and complete other house chores. This morning Facebook and Instagram accounts were unceremoniously deleted, they were discarded as old shoes that only take up space in the closet.

Sebas left early in the morning since he flying to NYC. Groggy farewells pointed to the fact that wake-up hours have been slipping later in the moring. The intention is to begin the day at sunrise and to end it at sunset, so any temptations to nap will be forgone in order to take intention to action.

What needs to be done? Yesterday code was imported from the Bézier Game, but today this feels premature. It's better to first replicate the path overlap code which detects when your path matches (or mismatches) the challenge.

A challenge has been added to the work logs: to remove the use of "I". This has been done before in personal journals as spiritual exercise, and the stylistic constraint resulted in a very different kind of writing.

This tends to shift the syntax from the active to the passive voice, but beneath this, the subjective identity ("I") ceases to perform actions on objects, and the object becomes the subject, gaining agency. So I used a disguise to fool the policeman should become The disguise fooled the policeman, avoiding both "I" and the passive voice.

This will be tried out during a couple of days. Right now this reads old-fashioned, hopefully some fluency will be gained with practice.

Work session 1 (1h, 15min)

Trying compute full overlapping of what the user draws against the reference path is a tough challenge. Though Paper.js has many functions that would seemingly assist in this task, in practice it was not performant nor easy to implement, so the code from the original game was imported.

The original code is a shameless hack, but it works quite well: there is an invisible canvas over which the reference and the user's paths are drawn, then a difference bitmap filter is applied on them. If there is a difference between paths it will generate a specific (green) color, so the code searches through the bitmap trying to find green pixels. If it does, then it means the user went off-path and the solution was not valid.

The hack worked just as well with Paper.js as it did under SVG, so it will remain as it is.


Concentration becomes challenging under when sleep is lacking, so the rest of the day became free of work. Forcing oneself to work under these circumstances would only deplete the energies that remain, creating a deficit for tomorrow. It's best to take it easy.