Prelude to the workday

I often find myself wondering what I'm going to do in the next hour. As an experiment I want to plan the day, follow it, and at the end see what/if it was done.

The general outlines of the day: hit the gym, work session around the neighborhood, go to the supermarket, prepare and pack lunch, second work session at a new-to-me library in Orcasur, pool, and lastly an optional work session.

Workwise, my experiment with paperjs went great, a played around with it a bit more yesterday and it seems a perfect match for the Bézier Game. I find myself recriminating not having used it earlier, but then I realize: if I hadn't built the Bézier Game from scratch, I would understand nothing of the API. A mantra of programming is "don't reinvent the wheel", but when you are working with axles, bearings and tires you need to put the wheel apart so that you understand how everything is put together.

Work session 1 (2 hours, 15 minutes)

I was done with my soft objective of the day, which was to have a pen tool working. with Paper.js it is a breeze. I had it done in under an hour, but then I wanted to incorporate the "snap to axis" feature, and it got me in a rabbit hole for a while. It's working like a charm with just 75 lines of code (which I could surely reduce).

Work session 2 (45 minutes)

I came to a new pool where I hadn't been before (San Fermin) it has nice expansive green areas for Madrid's public pools, and nice tables where I can work. I will definitely repeat. I used this time to introduce the same mechanics I use in the Bézier Game: you can only begin a stage by clicking on a start point, and you end it by adding a node on the end point (if the created path matches the problem). I finished within 45 minutes, and I will take work to a library, as I forgot to charge my laptop before leaving home, and I'm running low on battery.

I'll dip in the pool before leaving of course. It's cool and sunny, perfect weather for Madrid.

Work session 3 (1 hour)

I came to a new library, "Gabriel García Marquez" in Orcasitas. It's large, nice and pleasant. I'm liking Usera for work, it has many workspaces and pools. I saw there was a public gym nearby and I checked it out, it was small but it can be combo'ed into the workday formula.

I worked on the multi-segment feature that I wanted to add to the original codebase. I didn't have enough time to finish it, but it is coming along nicely. I'm slightly concerned over how I'm going to integrate this code into what I already have, the stage code was the "brain" of the original code, and this would be like a brain transplant. It seems I will connect the body parts to this new brain one by one, rather than putting the brain into a body and hoping the transplant is not rejected.


I'll start publishing again on the same day my workday ends, there was no "aging of experience" that I expected by putting sleep between the workday and the afterword.

I was pleased with the day. I see that I enjoy checking out new places, I'll do more of that this week. My projection for the day went exactly as I had envisioned it, which is strange, I usually plan one thing and something different comes out.

The more I work with Paper.js, the more convinced I am that this is the correct route. Getting familiar with it will allow me to create more things down the road. I also see that, if I come back to developing Method Draw, there are many things which I can borrow from this library.