Prelude to the workday

I've taken a look at Paper.js and it seems to have everything I need, but the renderer is canvas and I prefer SVG (I simply feel more comfortable working with DOM elements). Well, it's time I learned canvas if the exploration into Paper.js results promising. What would be a good target to accomplish today? It's Friday, half a day is worked, it needs to be simple. Let us aim to simply have a path in which it's handles can be manipulated.

Work session 1 (2 hours)

As I packed the things I needed for a day that would be half work half recreation, I thought lugging around my computer was unnecessary, I could simply go to nearest study hall and then leave the computer at home for the rest of the day. And this I did.

I begun my trial of Paper.js, I'm on good track, I could manipulate bezier handles within two hours. As is usual with any new library, most of the time is spent trying to understand the author's intentions. I feel quite anxious about some implications, because I get bézier handles for free, but at a cost which I have not understood yet. I'll see with more experimentation.



Feeling bullish about Paper.js, plus it has many other features that could be used in projects into the future. I'll keep on exploring what and how things can be done so that next week I'm prepared.