The entire morning was spent with great resistance to work. I could barely get anything done, so I decided to take a break and go to the gym to explore an acroyoga class. The teacher was terrible: a woman got tangled in her acroyoga hammock, and as she struggled to free herself, the teacher anxiously barked “stop stop stop”, causing more stress to the poor woman. After this, the teacher kept a close eye on her, correcting her at every movement so she wouldn’t err again. But in her zealousness, she made the woman nervous and only caused her further mistakes.

It was interesting to observe, I do the same to myself I thought. Zealousness in self-observance is killing spontaneity and flow. I took a deep breath and put my attention in the body, which was difficult given the nervous energy hanging in the class, but I came to enjoy the asanas by ignoring the teacher.

After the class I took work to the library, and the first 45 minutes were a struggle, but with the lesson fresh in mind, I stopped barking at myself, and soon enough I entered deep state of flow. I liked my work (a lot!) and I felt rejuvenated. Is it this simple? I’ll have to continue my practice.

I came back home to write the Privacy Policy for Method of Action. It’s simple and legalese free, good enough for the time being.