Today I woke up early, and arrived to the library before it even opened. I waited outside, it was cold, and I was sleepy. I was afraid that my state was not appropriate for work, but when I sat down it was just me and the code editor. A day like this I haven’t had in years perhaps, to the point where nothing that happened in the day seems relevant except work.

I shall write about work then.

During the weekend I dove into Sketch and designed pieces that were missing of The Boolean Game (working name). I set myself to implement the design, and I saw how to slice things up in a modular way soy that I can reuse components for other games. I banged out a lot of good quality code without any attachment.

I know better than to extrapolate this good experience to the next days, in fact, I know it not to be sustainable. Beast Mode is what René Galindo calls it. Though I very much would like to have the power to summon Beast Mode, it’s more akin to a divine gift that must be used wisely. Though it should be time to wind down I find no inclination to do it. Back to coding.