Today my focus was phenomenal. I woke up at around 10am, went to the library, and implemented the "feature driven development" method I had in mind, and I saw that it really worked. In comparison personal method feels more like... giving shape to a piece of mud. I found myself in the flow most of the time. Unfortunately, as it's Saturday, the library closes at 2:00, so I came back home for lunch.

I prepared a personal recipe of high-protein bolognese sauce in large quantities, so that I don't have to spend so much time cooking next week. Again, I was focused while cooking, and I got three meals prepared in the time I would have prepared one.

Then I went to bed to have a nap. I've been reading a book on lucid dreaming, and I had fresh in my mind the fact that you must continuously ask yourself "am I dreaming"? and so I tried to sleep with this mantra in my mind. But I was so focused I couldn't fall asleep, so I turned it into a meditation.

After a while I jumped out of bed, but this time I found resistance in coding. I was banging out too many features without design, just placing the necessary information on the screen without a plan. So I opened Sketch and begun designing. Again, deep focus. I can't pinpoint to anything special that allowed me this level of concentration, but I am grateful for it.

Last night I set up a private blog to post my dreams. I write down all my dreams, and sometimes I need to come back to them for some reason (an event in real life reminds me of it, or I dream with a person and I want to see what I have dreamed about that person before), so I was careful with the taxonomy so that I can filter dreams by person, place, topic and such. This blog will always be private, but perhaps in a couple of decades something might come out of it!