Today experimentation with sound begun. Never has this web bricklayer come across this art before, and after some reading it was decided that the best form of learning was through experience. A sound spritesheet was abandoned as quickly as it was produced, for it became clear that—not knowing what makes good sound in a user interface—the task would require a more flexible approach.

Erik Spiekermann says good typography is like air: you only notice it when it smells bad. This maxim applies to many fields in communication. Many sounds seemed too subtle at first, but when more bold choices were used on the interface, they caused the same effect of a fedora hat on an unexperienced head.

The taste which underlies all of creation was kind enough to make itself evident by manifesting the transcending principles. If you drag a shape into the stage, then it will need an opposing sound for when you drag it out of it. The parallel in visual design would be contrast. Then, when you perform a sequence of steps in which each step increases in value, the sound’s pitch must increase accordingly, this is akin to visual sequences. And so the day was spent in exploration of these principles, some progress was made, but much lies ahead; not in matters of implementation but of understanding.