I’m writing in the morning. Yesterday I went to bed tipsy and felt no inclination to write it. Today it seems wise not to write under altered state of consciousness, enough variance comes through mood swings introducing vastly different perspectives of the same events. Perhaps some day, if stability is found, it may be useful to aggregate perception of events in altered states.

Yesterday I finished placing sounds. As soon as I placed a sound I knew what was wrong with it, but I resisted the temptation to fool around, because in design it’s not only about the elements, but how the elements are put together. For example, for some buttons there was a digital beep, and for other events I used marimba notes. The parallel with typography was felt immediately: on their own these sounds are adequate, but by being together they clash. I can either go for something more organic on the buttons, or for something more digital on the animation events, but I would not understand this gestalt if I were to fiddle with the details at this stage.

Even though I found some pleasure in these activities, I was throughly drained mentally and physically. In the evening I met up with René and we went to his gym, which has a spa. Never had it crossed my mind that a viable option to deal with stress is investing in relaxation, perhaps because of financial constraint, but after a light workout and spending time between the sauna, cold showers, and moments of contemplation I felt myself throughly renewed and hopeful, and the event made obvious that this is a missing ingredient in my current work setting. After the gym we had some beers, and as always professional synergies arose naturally between us, and—Universe willing—these agreements will manifest themselves in the upcoming weeks.