After some inner deliberation, it’s been decided that the contents of my walks are intimate. Feet are destroyed and legs are sore, enough has been said.

Today a list of the things missing for release was produced and ordered by importance, and then tackled something important-ish which would be adequate for the current disposition: a build step which would transpile and minify everything to be ready for production. The JS ecosystem is hell on earth, and many hours were lost trying to make everything play together nicely, but at the end of the day it was done.

Since the code can be transpiled to ES5 easily, temptation was felt towards checking it on an old iPad 2 lying around. After some minor fixes it was up and running. Frame rate is choppy, but it is quite playable. It’s been almost nine years since it’s release! This should provide a good baseline for all low powered devices.

More things need to be added to this work log, but it’s time to go to bed.