So many things to write about, where to start? Perhaps by the day activities, in this way the situation will explain itself:

I woke up at around 8am, had my coffee, and then went to the airbnb apartment that I manage. I waited for the truck to arrive, we were moving the furniture to a new house, since the apartment was sold some weeks ago and owner will take possession in the next few days. The new house is a duplex, not really in the suburbs, but quite far away from the city center, which I will be inhabiting for the next month. My mission is to paint it and do some minor refurbushing work during the month of September.

Two guys and a child showed up, and we moved the furniture in about three hours. I learned quite a number of tricks putting sofas through doors, and should the situation arise again, I think I'd be at least more adept as I was before. It's not that I have never put a sofa through a door, but one of the guys was quite experienced and he explained the principles behind making things fit, and how to know if it's simply too large for the space you need to put it through. After we were done I was quite exhausted, for Madrid's heat was in full force today, so I had a nap and then went back home.

After lunch I perceived that, if I were to put myself in front of a computer, I wouldn't be able to do much, so I put Conversations with Goethe in the backpack and hit the pool. I finished the important parts (book I and II) because the third book is not really written by Eckermann, but by a fellow named Soret, who had a more objective disposition, so instead of trying to register Goethe's exact words, he tends to describe his interactions in a more synthetic way. Where Eckermann, being a poet, might try to reenact the mood, setting and words of Goethe, Soret would simply write "Goethe discussed with great eloquence about the virtues of a moderate life", and there is not much wisdom to be extracted from this kind of writing.

But the change in narrative illuminated the fact that I swing between both styles, and that if I (or anyone) is to extract anything useful from what I write, I should take the poetic Eckermann approach, which requires one to reenact settings, sensations and activities, rather than simply marking what work was done.

The furniture was moved, but my life is still not moved into the new house, so I suspect that the next few days will be physical rather than intellectual work. I welcome this phase because the last two weeks I've felt stagnated in my current situation, so any change is welcome.