I begun the day late and after hitting the pool I went to the library at La Casa Encendida. I wrote the workplace setting quite quickly and enjoyed the experience, and then put myself to work. I needed to set the DNS of notebits.app to René's server, but after much frustration I preferred to to set things up at my own hosting provider (digitalocean) and worry about transferring the host later.

While checking nginx's logs I found an unrelated error: php-fpm was raising access denied errors on my old blog and I tried to hunt down the reason why this was happening. I had set up the server to serve html files as php and it had stopped working. After much google-fu, I found the correct config file where to make the change, and soon enough things were being served without errors.

I found server administration to be a refreshing change from what I had been doing, though I sometimes wonder if being this close to the metal is truly needed. Unix philosophy of having specialized tools that do one job is at times empowering and at others frustrating. There's been times when I've gotten stuck and needed to ask for help to more experienced people, and I'm surprised that they actually have to do pretty much what I do: google the problem and poke at the entrails until it starts working again.