I’ll repeat myself because I feel compelled to do so: I’m interned at a clinic four nights per week for a clinical study. They give me paracetamol and naproxen and then draw blood many times during this period. Other than that, I have no responsibilities. I’m using this time to work on my personal projects.

This week I worked on the architecture of Kern Type so that it supports multiple levels. In practical terms this is like creating many games out of the original game. I want to create a Spanish level, and English level, and perhaps a French level so that letter spacing is performed with the peculiarities and grammar of each language. I did an outline of work—that is, it’s all in place but in a crude manner.

The second thing I worked on was migrating all the entries in this work log that did not pertain to Method of Action into Exploration Work. I think of this weblog as my “professional journal” and exploration.work as my “personal journal”. It was a long and laborious task, but it was also interesting coming across old entries I had completely forgotten.

Particularly interesting was re-reading the entries I wrote while walking the Camino de Santiago in 2019. It made me yearn walking again, I wish very much to go to Spain in 2024, but then again I’m also yearning to come back to Montreal and I haven’t even left!

I’m enjoying my periods of internment and work, which are alternated with days of intense exercise (we are not allowed to exercise at all while interned). I’m not usually writing on the days in which I am “free”, as I know I’ll spend a lot of time in front of the computer, but sometimes events happen which are inevitable to write and I come back to it.