Today René and myself quietly released the new version of into production. We haven’t really tested it enough, but other than minor quirks like the scrolling issue, I don’t expect there to be any major problems.

What the public visitor will notice is almost nothing, and that’s perfect. We wouldn’t want to detract anything from the writing experience. There are a lot of changes in the backend which are really cool.

I expect that—if you are a longtime user—you will find the new way of revealing the interface a bit different. It will take a while to get used to it, but hang in there, it gets comfortable.

Send feedback to René (who is the master mind behind this product, I’ve been mistakenly called the creator of which is not true). But we share a kind of creative complicity which cannot be pinned down in any of the traditional work roles, because we’re not partners—perhaps that’s the word: creative accomplices. It’s always great to work with René.