I feel a yearning to go personal again, but I’m also happy with the documentation of professional work I’ve done on this work log. so I have I have this strange kind of conflict where I refuse to write because I feel like I’m supposed to post work and not personal stuff.

I am usually against division, the self should be expressed as a single entity, there is no need for a division between the professional and the personal if you are a well integrated person. However, imperfect as we are, if we pretend the difference does not exist, both parts—the personal and the professional—suffer.

In order to resolve this I have decided to move the most personal work log entries into the new site, and continue my stream of writing there, and keep this work log as a place where I document my work. The new CMS (Ghost) allows me to publish from mobile, so I don’t have to lug my laptop if I wish to write like in the old times.

It is folly to pre-announce a change like this, however, since this was partly the work I did today, It is appropriate to post it as a work log entry.

I will announce this formally when it’s done.