As I review my work day I find nothing relevant to write about: a meeting with Max from Deta, emails sent, highly technical work on Method Draw regarding textPaths exported from Illustrator…

It’s useful making this observation, because I remember—when I was working full time in a company—I often had days like these: days consumed by communication and non-creative tasks. The fact that today I have something to show almost every day is a sure sign of creative adequacy, and for that I am grateful.

When you work for yourself and by yourself you will not avoid admin or drudge work, but the difference is that you are in a position of control over it. In a company it is impossible to opt-out of an important meeting because you’re having a creative streak. It is something admin people have difficulty understanding, their priority is communication, your priority is creation.

As I write this, I think about the work ahead, I need to connect to the server of a new client and adapt an integration that was made for SVG-Edit into Method Draw. I hope I can accomplish this quickly, because it’s the kind of project where I would have nothing to show to you, dear reader.

In resonance with the creative principle, I send a prayer so that today I find the time and space to create something soon.