Hey René, long time! I found a bit of time to implement the spellcheck toggle for blank.page, I’ve missed it myself so I embarked on what I thought would be a quick win. However, as often happens in technical matters, it was a rabbithole.

Here is a video of the process (wait till the end for a “one more thing…”).

I’m doing an experiment with my work logs, which is to narrate the work that was done in video format, because (you know well) I’m more eloquent in writing than in person, so this is an experiment in closing that gap.

This featured is not merged into master yet, awaiting your feedback.

If you wish to respond publicly, just write “I consent to have my answer published”, I will append it to this work log.


Rene’s answer:

Hey Mark,

First of all, ☑️ I consent to have my answer published and I’m aware that anything I say can (and will) be used against me in a court of law.

Legalities aside, I like the feature. It’s been a long time coming so it’s very much welcome. The implementation is subtle and discrete, as everything in blank.page should. I also like the “by-product’ feature of saving the caret and selection position.

My one request would be to make it available on the builder so we can configure if a writing exercise checks spelling or not. I’d set the default to OFF - don’t check spelling (I’m assuming is also the default in the public editor). In case you decide to implement it, I wouldn’t worry about rules based on states. It’s either ON or OFF for the whole time you’re writing the exercise.

I tried testing the URL you linked to, but didn’t work. Let me know if you need help with QA.



My Response:

Thanks for the feedback René,

I’ve merged into master and published it to https://blank.page Regarding setting spellcheck by exercise, I’ve already added it to the builder. Keep in mind that this just sets up the default with which the page will load and the user can still toggle it, if you need to hide the spellcheck control based on pageSettingsLocked or some other heuristic, then we can add it to our balance of hours.