New Year’s eve and I spent the entire day working, and I actually enjoyed it. These will be memorable holidays for sure. The date put me in an introspective mood. I thought: there is no point in describing my work day, what ought to be done is the stoic excercise of reflecting upon what went good and what could have gone better.

The good

I could work from home: how? I had no other option so I wasn’t torn between “I would focus better at the library” and “I want to stay home”. It seems the trick is in commitment, though the library is still the superior workplace.

Following up on signs: some days ago, while I was waiting for Maria for lunch, I entered a bookstore and came upon a book called “memorias de un caminante”, my curiosity was drawn to it and though quite esoteric and mystic in content, I found myself understanding it perfectly. But I wasn’t carrying a single euro (and that was it’s cost), I thought “if I care about this book enough, I will come back for it”.

Getting some sun: as I came back home, book in hand, I saw that the sun was shining and it was quite warm outside, so I went to the nearest bench to read a bit. Soon after I was feeling warm, so I took off my jacket. The reading was engrossing and again I had to take of my sweater. Soon I stripped of my shirt and I was sunbathing on 31st of december.

Could be better

The focus: I’m not sure why, but I was making more syntax mistakes than usual. I lost track of what I was doing more than usual. I opened new routes of work without having finished other ones. What can I control of this? When I worked in git branches this helped. Let us experience it again: **action: work in feature branches”.

The social aspect: I worked though people cheering to the New Year. For a couple of seconds I thought there was a football match, but then I remembered the day and looked at the clock: 12pm. I just kept working. I know that is what I’m supposed to be doing at this time, but when I’m done I’ll have to work equally hard on the social aspect of my life. **action: reconnect when finished”.