Today is Sunday, and the closest library was closed. The only library that was open is a 40 minute walk, so I tried working from home without success. I would sit down to work but I was soon distracted. I went outside and saw that the sky was blue, it was warm for december, and the sun was shining, so I decided to walk to the library.

Being Sunday the streets were full of people, crisscrossing among strolling people I stumbled upon something soft. I looked down and I saw that I had accidentally kicked a young child. I asked her if she was OK and apologized, I was expecting her to cry becuase I felt my stumble was forceful, but she just hid behind the legs of her mom. Then I heard the parents tell me not to worry and I apologized to them profusely.

As I continued walking I felt some relief: in my deep focus I was worrying that my emotional state had become stunted. But I was concerned, and the concern came out naturally. It’s mostly that I haven’t been exposed to emotional content in the last few weeks.

At the library I didn’t have one of my usual flowing days, but I made good progress. I finally addressed the stage editor, but this time instead of focusing on a graphical user interface, I put a command line interface that allows me to use the editor from Web Inspector’s console. I was satisfied with the result.