I worked mostly on the stage editor, and came out with a crude version which works. Knowing that this is not publicly facing, I did not concern myself with good implementation or design, so I was as messy as I pleased. This turned out to be not a very good idea, for I soon found myself swamped in spaghetti code, and I noticed a sharp decrease in working focus and pleasure..

At lunch time I came back home, and I was opening the door a woman approached me and said something along the lines of “I’m very embarrassed about this but…” and she began sobbing. I immediately knew that she was going to ask for money, so I said “Oh sorry, we’re on the same page, I left my job months ago and…” she turned away, cutting me off without letting me finish the sentence. I was dazed, but then thought “this is a good way of figuring out if somebody truly needs help or is just putting up a show”.

After lunch I dragged my feet to the library, not wanting to face the unpleasant code I had just programmed, but a part of the editor required me to face a challenge I’ve been putting off: resizing the window made things fall apart. Since canvas doesn’t have layout niceties I’d have to redraw and resize the stage entirely, and this was a chore I was avoiding, but I’d rather do this than dive back into my mess.

Surprisingly it went smoothly. With the refactor in place, I had anticipated some triggers which would allow me to layout shapes properly, and pretty soon I had a had a robust layout adapting to the size of the window. Then, as I only had an hour left, I put my time on visual details, and I recovered the sense of pleasure in work.

I think tomorrow, when my energies are recovered, I will be able to face that steaming pile of editor code.