I got to the same state I had with the previous incarnation, and I’m very satisfied with the result. I structured things so that it would work in vertical orientation, opening the possibility not only for tablets, but for all mobile devices.

It didn’t go without a hitch, I had changed the design and I lost framerate on the dragging of objects, a couple of tests blamed CSS dropshadows for the loss, so I put them on canvas and it went smooth as butter. I came back home very excited and I wanted to hit the gym, and on the way there I was thinking about how difficult it had been for me to find any sort of personal satisfaction in the past few years.

There’s been a couple of sources that I can recall: walking the camino, hitting personal development milestones, and some personal relationships. And I had thought I was beyond finding satisfaction in work, but when I compare the experience it’s up there. It’s wonderful finding fulfillment in work again.

But I also notice myself working from a very different place. It is not “I want this project to be very successful” as I thought in the past, but “I am materializing this idea from the platonic world” and that makes the ego take the back seat. When features come up I’m not asking “will this look cool?” (i.e. will people think highly of me?), but “is it useful?”, and that makes the project take shape by its own. I think this was the missing ingredient from my previous efforts. Work without attachment.