Today I woke up very early and sat down to meditate. The meditation was very welcome after a week of ceasing my meditation practice, and I thought I ought to do this regularly again, now that work has established itself on the top of my priorities. Then again I hadn’t done any exercise in a week either, so I decided to go to the gym after a short session of work.

The “short session” turned into deep focus, and I could barely pry myself from the keyboard in order to go to the gym before it closed (at 2:30pm, because it’s Sunday). After the gym I went to a library which I know to be open on Sundays and found myself less focused because I was tired. I take note that exercise should be the last thing to do in the day.

On my way back home I passed in front of the cathedral, and went inside for a meditation, but I found mass taking place. I stayed for mass while practicing presence, and I enjoyed the experience. The priest said the archbishop is giving mass tomorrow (Christmas Eve) at midnight, I will probably go. I’m not religious or consider myself Catholic, but contemplative practice has lead me to willingly participate in all devotional ceremonies.

After mass I walked in front of the Royal Palace, and there was a dude leading a group of small children in a dancing choreography. The dance was actually good and plenty of fun, it never occurred to me that something like that was actually genius: a street performer’s job is to entertain his public, and by getting children to participate (and have fun doing it) the parents are captive to the performer. “Ah, that how it’s done, it’s better to help others shine rather than trying to shine yourself”, I thought.