Today is Saturday, I woke up early and went to the library to work. I implemented a dynamic color scheme on The Boolean Game, an idea of my stale projects that again, gained new life in this project. I was very pleased with the results. When I was done I came back home, had lunch and then a nap, I dreamed this:

I was in a vacation resort staying with some friends at an apartment within a water park. My friends didn’t like the place, and booked an airbnb outside the resort, a large house in a residential neighborhood. I entered the house, turned left, opened the door, and found a small reading room with a nice chair, a desk and a window. I was delighted and thought it would be the perfect place to work. Then I exited the reading room, turned right, and found a large kitchen which I thought would be appropriate for preparing my meals.

Then I went upstairs, turned right, and found a kitchen just like the one downstairs, with a breakfast table. “Oh, this must be one of those fancy houses with two kitchens, what a waste” I thought. Then I turned left and saw the bedrooms: three of them, each with two single beds. “Oh, everyone is going to sleep with someone except me” I thought. I saw a fancy office with a large desk in the center “nah, I will not work there” I thought.

I then woke up and immediately worked on what happens when you complete a stage (the success state). I thought it would be nice that each stage had a custom animation, and begun experimenting with what could be done in canvas. I came up with some animation effects which were eye-catching, but they had nothing to do with the purpose of the game. I felt I was unto something, and I think I have my next project after the Boolean project is completed. Here is a teaser: