Some days of work involve writing emails. Some people are quick and to the point. Others enjoy a bit of narrative. I enjoy responding to both kinds of people in a thoughtful way, both ways of expression are an art in itself. How to be as concise as possible? How to be warm to a kind client? Ends of a spectrum in which the middle way is often the wisest choice.

This, I guess is more related to the act of writing rather than an act of writing emails, for both are the same. I write this work log in stream of thought, and this could be an email, to myself, I guess. How do I communicate with myself? Well, that depends on the situation, if I find myself in a place where I am in need of order, I put myself tasks to complete, but this is an executive mode that is best trascended by the way of inspiration.

How do we inspire ourselves? Sometimes I sense there is a great person in me, yet I put it down, why? Oh these existential conundrums must be forgotten, The Way suggests flowing to what is experienced in the moment. Let us resolve this difficult mystery: if the sage ought to be satisfied with the state of the world, how is he qualified to design it?

Any action undertaken in the bonding of attachment, resolving out of one’s own inspiration rather than desire of outcome. This is the most difficult of tasks. To bound one’s actions to an economic outcome is a very tricky proposition, because the desire for monetization shapes the product in pretty overt ways, and thus to remain faithful to inspiration, it is at this time of no concern how something might be monetized, except by narrating a story as a product is built and relying on donations from people who support “the process” without attachment to the result of it.

The fact that “unattached” money reaches an aim makes the process a bit more spiritual. In a world accustomed to transaction, I sell you a product with which I am inspired at this moment, I aim not to resolve need, but the small things that enter my locus of attention and that I may even use as a way of becoming…

And the ego stepped in. It is more simple than that: a well-designed product produced through inspiration can only be demonstrated in action. I must pursue some discipline to make things happen.

I responded to many important emails today and sometimes that is enough work. Until tomorrow.