It’s at times like this when I am glad that works offline. My phone battery drained, and without it I don’t have access to the internet. Three times I tried to google things to no avail, and not having internet forces me back to the task of writing.

I have manually closed all the extra tabs open in Chrome.

I have quit all non-essential applications.

Get distractions out of the way. It is easy.

Aim for something and put a time limit: I will write until my phone battery recharges enough for the hotspot to be activated. I estimate around five minutes.

Sometimes I feel like I have opened a door into another world in which very few people live.

It is not better. It is living life at the most challenging level. Ah, the ego creates a myth around the fact that one is dreaming this, if this is an illusion what is left?

I quit the music player and take off my earphones.

A bird is chirping. A dog barking in the distance. The footsteps of my mother who is hurrying to get ready. The phone woke up. My best friend asking if I made it well to Puebla, since I stayed over on Sunday and came back from Mexico City this morning. My mom asked me to hail her a cab. I am back in the world of the ten thousand things.