The cats seem to have lost interest in me, with the novelty worn off they no longer climb on my lap or twirl around my legs while sitting at the computer, so I stayed home to work.

I alternated client work with writing and administrative things. I enjoyed the focused day, but at the end my back was aching and my body was yearning for a workout. I searched for a gym near what is going to be my next home base.

I found two good options:

A. Modern, low budget gym inside a posh open-air mall. Close to all kinds of amenities. 30 min walk from home.

B. Cheap, basement kind of gym for pumping iron. Close to the fresh-produce market. 10 min walk from home.

Option (B) would have been my default choice: no-frills, isolated, focused, healthy. I was surprised I would even consider option (A), the pretentiousness of the mall is nauseating, but with fresh eyes it’s simply the way things roll in this town.

I often reach this dichotomy: be authentic yet isolated, or be connected but compromising. I always take the path of isolation, it’s perhaps time that I explore what lies on the other side.