Another meh day: I stayed home to receive the package from Amazon, when it arrived the displayport to HDMI cable didn’t work. I tried with a simple HDMI cable around and things worked fine, so the purchase was unnecesary.

I spent the day… I don’t remember much about what I did, I just fixed things around the codebase, went back to mobile because I had been working on the desktop version and unforseen things tend to crop up if I focus too much time on one side. My intention was to work on the scoring mechanics, but when I sat down to code it I realised I hadn’t thought things through: there were too many unknowns, so I chose the path of least resistance, giving some time for the problem to resolve in the background. I’m glad I did, because now I have a better idea about how to tackle the problem.

After lunch I had a nap and dreamed that I was in a water park. I was in the wave pool, and had a boogie board with me. I was having fun, but suddenly the waves became quite violent and I got out of the pool. I saw the waves swell and many of the people inside where struggling to keep afloat. At the end of the pool a huge swell formed, and I felt ambiguous: I wanted to surf the waves, but this was too challenging for me and I didn’t have to courage to do it. I kept myself out of the pool and simply observed the scene.

After this I browsed pinterest to find vector images that would suit the game, since I’m relying too much on icon sets. And I did find some pretty cool stuff that will make great stages. Then I went to a Meetup event and put my mind off the project for some time.

I find myself worrying about running out of motivation for closure, but in the grander scheme of things no product comes to fruition without moments of self-doubt and frustration. I’ll wait for the waters to calm down before trying to tackle anything too ambitious.