Today I don’t feel like writing the work log, the day was partly frustrating, but I look at the reasons and they are not worth a grumpy mood: I spent most of the day trying to resolve a nasty bug in which callbacks weren’t firing at their expected time. The animation library I had chosen wasn’t doing what I expected: having simultaneous animations firing dynamically seemed to require a pattern I couldn’t wrap my head around, and in the end I gave up and replaced the library for anime.js, which worked like a charm.

Then I went to buy a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter in order to use the 4K monitor I have at home, but the inventory at the store was not the same as their website. I went to another store, same story. Then to a third one, same thing. I came back home and placed the order on Amazon.

I sense the events didn’t cause the mood, but I woke up sensitive to frustration and it grew from there. I came back home and had a nap, then meditated. I felt better and put an extra hour towards fixing more bugs. Grand scheme of things: awesome. Day: crappy. Accept and move on.