Workwise an uninspired day. The highlight is that one of my beta testers came back to me with a very interesting (and major) bug. Same browser, same codebase, made sure everything was in the same condition and I couldn’t replicate. After much thinking, it is either a problem of pixel density (pixelRatio), or of platform, because he was on a Windows machine. But neither of these make sense to me. What was interesting to observe is that as I discarded all the usual and even unusual possibilities, the problem grew more and more interesting.

In the evening some people from the meetup groups that I attend invited me to dinner and movies at their place. Little do they know I’ve been a hermit for the past three months, and I was concerned that my behavior would be “off”, but it turned out to be just fine and I greatly enjoyed myself. I felt flattered at the invitation and I shall surely return the gesture.

As I’m finishing this period it seems life is providing clues as to where to put my attention next, and so far I’ve gathered spirituality and friendship, I’ll keep myself open to experience, because some things can’t be projected by reason, they have to be perceived by sensing them. I want to be finished to put more time into this.

I wont plan for tomorrow. I know what remains to be done and it’s simply a matter of getting down to it.